Men Shaving Foam

MRP-299\- Net weight-400ml Men Shaving Foam

Men Shaving Foam- 400ml


Experience thick and rich lather, easy glide and comfortable shave with Kaipo Shaving Foam with soothing aloe extracts. It also moisturizes the skin while shaving and gives a clean and natural healthy glow after a shave.



•             Aloe extracts helps to reduce rashes and prevents irritation on skin.

•             Provides clean shave.

•             Keeps away from dryness.

•             Smoothens skin.


Directions for use:

•             Shake well before use.

•             Splash water on face.

•             Press the nozzle.

•             Apply the foam required according to your beard.

•             Shave as usual.

•             Rinse off.