Calamine Lotion

MRP- 200\- Net weight- 120ml Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion MRP- 200\-

Net weight- 120ml


Kaipo Calamine Lotion is a perfectly prepared product for the persons with oily skin as it not only absorbs excess oil from the skin but keeps your skin hydrated.

Calamine is regarded as one of the most effective acne and pimple treatments. Calamine lotion can help relieve contact dermatitis symptoms such as itching and irritation. It also aids in the drying of the ooze from a poison ivy rash and other allergic responses.



•             Useful for oily skin. It keeps an oil balance on the skin.

•             Absorbs excess oil and gives a radiant look.

•             It relieves sun burn and damages caused by UV radiations.

•             It is effective on viral infections.

•             It is an anti-inflammatory lotion.

•             It relieves pain and bites from snake and insects.




•             Shake the bottle well before use.

•             Pour required amount of lotion on your fingertips.

•             Apply the lotion in dots all over your face.

•             Massage the lotion across your face for 2 minutes to get a supple and oil balanced skin.