Baby Talc

Baby Talc

MRP- 150\- (100gm)


It is formulated with purified Talcum, Magnesium Carbonate light Zinc dust, Aloe Vera Extracts which is very helpful in preventing itching, keeps the skin moist and refreshing.

Keva Baby Talcum Powder is specially made for baby skin. It comes with superfine filtered talc particles which keeps skin comfortable, dry and very soft. It has a refreshing, clean and classic fragrance. This baby product glides over your baby's skin and leaves it very delicate over the body.



•             Maintains the softness and soothing comfort.

•             Good for baby skin with no side effects.

•             Provides rash-free and itch-free skin.

•             Provides a refreshing fragrance.

•             It very beneficial for skin as it contains goodness of Aloe Vera.



Directions for use:

•             Take out required amount of powder.

•             Apply on face, neck, under arms, chest and back.

•             Use regularly to soften and give an infection-