KAIPO BODY CARE KIT 4 in 1 MRP-2000\-Rs Kaipo body care includes: • Red Ginseng Face Wash • Peach Body Lotion • Onion Hair Shampoo • Onion Hair oil

Kaipo body care includes:

•             Red Ginseng Face Wash

•             Peach Body Lotion

•             Onion Hair Shampoo

•             Onion Hair oil


Red Ginseng Face Wash:

It is a deep cleansing formula which suits all types of skin. Red ginseng acts as an antioxidant. It is very much useful in brightening and lightening the skin. This face wash washes away all the impurities without letting it dry. 



•             It helps to keep the skin hydrated.

•             It reduces wrinkles and dark spots.


Directions for use

•             Wash your face with normal water.

•             Apply small amount of face wash on the wet face.

•             Gently massage on your face in a circular motion.

•             Rinse off with cold water.

•             For best results use twice a day.


Peach Body Lotion:

It works as a moisturiser which nourishes skin and helps to obtain radiant glow in the face. Hydrogenated Castor oil present in it, helps to create a hydrated layer on the skin and acts as a barrier against losing moisture.

Peach extract helps to reduce spots and pigmentation and keeps the skin hydrated.


•             It helps to maintain the moisture balance on the skin.

•             It prevents from roughness and dryness.


   Directions for use

•             Apply as part of daily nourishing routine.

•             Use as often as required after showering bathing or cleansing of skin.

•             You can also apply on your skin before sleeping at night.




This shampoo is very effective on dandruff and helps in regrowth of hair. Onion oil extract helps to reduce hair fall and promotes regrowth of hair. Curry leaf extract helps to prevent greying of hair. Brahami extract helps to strengthen and provide nourishment to the scalp and Haritaki Extract adds shine and volume to hair.



•             It makes Hair look healthy and beautiful.

•             It adds shine to the hair.

•             A regular use of onion shampoo helps to get rid of hair fall and dandruff.


Directions for use

•             Wet your hair.

•             Apply the amount of shampoo according to your hair length and volume.

•             Gently massage on your hair.

•             Rinse off with normal water.



Onion hair oil is formulated mainly with onion black seed oil, Amla and Bhringraj. Black seed oil helps to remove dandruff and lices present on head. Other important elements like Rosemary oil stimulates the roots and improves hair growth and increases blood circulation in the scalp. Sweet Almond Oil adds shine to hair. Amla reduces hair fall. Bhringraj reduces graying of hair. Tea Tree Oil helps in promoting hair growth.



•             Promotes chemical free care of hair.

•             Helps in increasing the length of hair and adds volume.

•             Relief from stress.

•             Reduction of dandruff and improves hair health.


Direction for use:

•             Apply a few drops directly on scalp and massage with fingertips.

•             Leave it overnight or for few hours.

•             Wash off with a sulphate-free shampoo or for best result you can use Kaipo Onion hair shampoo.