Animal Calcium Gel

Animal Calcium Gel-300MG MRP- 300\-Rs

Animal Calcium Gel-300MG
MRP- 300\-Rs

An instant Ionic Calcium enriched with carbohydrates, Vitamins and Herbs to increase milk output.  This product is nutritional source of calcium used to maintain normal calcium levels in cows during the critical pre calving and immediate post calving. It contains Vitamin B12, D3 and Calcium along with some herbal extracts. Keva Calcium Gel doesn’t contain added preservatives and harmful chemicals.



•             Prevents milk fever and associated complications.

•             Increases milk production.

•             Acts as aid to favour the normal contractions of Uterus, normal calving and timely expulsion of placenta.

•             Improves right growth and development of body.


Directions for use:

•             Remove the seal of the bottle, hold the head of cow in a normal to slightly elevated position.

•             Place the safety tube in the cow’s mouth directly over the tongue.

•             Now empty the contents of the tube allowing cow to swallow at a normal rate.

•             Use regularly for high milk production.

•             Use one bottle per animal a day or 5 -10 days as directed by veterinarian.

•             Give one bottle at first sign of calving and give another bottle 6 to 12 hours post calving.

•             Repeat every 12 hours as needed.