Kaipo Baby Hair Oil

Kaipo Baby Hair Oil:200ml MRP- 250\-Rs

Kaipo Baby Hair Oil:200ml
MRP- 250\-Rs

It is formulated with natural ingredients like Brahmi, Japa, Amla and Vitamin E. It is mineral free oil. Gentle and safe on baby skin. It is Sulphate free, paraben free, pH balanced, peg free and colorant free.

Mixture of natural extracts and natural oils provides essential moisture to the skin and strengthens bones.



•             It helps to make bones strong and promotes growth.

•             It is very gentle for baby’s delicate skin.

•             It is non-irritant.

•             Nourishes and soothes baby skin.



•             Take adequate amount of oil and gently apply to the baby’s delicate scalp and hair.

•             Massage gently.

•             Use regularly for best results.