Keva Baobab Plus Juice

MRP- Rs.1199/- Packing - 750ML

Keva Baobab Plus Juice
MRP- Rs. 1199/-
Packing - 750ML
Keva Baobab Plus Juice is a special formula with 95 % standardized Baobab juice of highest potency and 5% Cocona fruit for enhanced nutrition. We only use pure and raw ingredients in all our formulas.
Keva Baobab Juice is a natural and the purest source of fibre, multi-vitamins with high antioxidant capacity, which can help to cure hundreds of diseases and promote overall health and longevity. This nutrient dense drink can be a refreshing, invigorating and nutritious choice for you and your complete family.
Benfits of ingredients incorporated in the product:
Rich in Many Important Vitamins and Mineral, Hence Help to Fulfil Required Nutrition in the Body. 
May aid Weight Loss by Promoting Feelings of Fullness. 
May Help Balance Blood Sugar Levels.
Antioxidant and Polyphenol Content May Reduce Inflammation.
High Fiber Content May Promote Digestive Health.
Supports the Immune System
Promotes General Hydration and Skin Health
How to use:
Adults: Drink 15ml Juice twice a day diluted in 150ml water on empty stomach atleast 30 minutes before meal. 
Shake well before every use. 
Use regulary for better health.
Storage Condition:
Close bottle tightly after every use.
Store in cool, dry and hygienic place.
Safety Instructions:
Read the label carefully before use.
Keep out of reach of children.
This is not a medicine and not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any diseases please consult your healthcare physician.