MRP- Rs. 1199/- Packing - 750ML

MRP- Rs. 1199/-
Packing - 750ML

Keva Maqui Berry Juice is rich nutritive extract of super fruit ‘Maqui Berry’. It’s EXTRACTED FROM POLLUTION FREE ENVIRONMENT OF REMOTE HIGH ALTITUDE REGIONS OF CHILE, SOUTH AMERICA. It is loaded with rich anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This super rich fruit juice can offer numerous health benefits. It will add quality to your daily life. Regular use of this product will help you to achieve a powerful immune system and high energy in the body. It’s very effective in treating chronic diseases. This juice will help you to repair and replace damaged cells. 

Benefits associated with ingredients incorporated in the product :
  • Reduces risk for heart diseases, Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes. 
  • Improves eye health and gut problem. 
  • Protects body cells from damages. 
  • Reduces fatigue and balances the energy level in body. 
  • Helps to fight inflammation
  • Supports general health and wellness. 
  • Helpful in weight loss. 
How to Use:
Adults: Drink 15ml Juice twice a day diluted in 150ml water on empty stomach at least 30 minutes before meal.
Shake well before use

Storage Condition:

Refrigerate after opening the bottle. Consume within one month after opening the container. 

Keep in cool, dry & hygienic place.


Safety Instruction:

Keep out of reach of children.

Read the label carefully before use.



This is not a medicine & not intended to cure, diagnose, treat and prevent the diseases. Please consult your physician.