Kaipo 11 in 1 Face Wash

Kaipo 11 in 1 Face Wash MRP-200/-Rs 100ML

Kaipo 11 in 1 Face Wash 

This amazing face wash is a power-packed solution which is filled with goodness of 11 natural ingredients which nourishes and gives you healthy, glowing and gorgeous skin. It is suitable for all skin types. This amazing face cleanser washes away all your impurities and dirt from the skin.



•            Soothes and nourishes skin.

•             Reduces skin irrigation.

•             Regulates excess oil of the skin.

•             It has anti- allergic, anti- inflammatory and anti- aging properties.

•             Improves skin tone.

•             Reduces dark spot and blemishes.

•             Gives you brightening effect.



•             Apply on wet face.

•             Gently massage on face and neck.

•             Rinse off with water and use regularly for best results