Tulsi Syrup

Keva Tulsi Syrup MRP-299/-Rs 200ML

Keva Tulsi Syrup
Keva has formulated a safe non-alcoholic and non sedating herbal syrup which has goodness of Tulsi, Tulsi is the main ingredient of this syrup. Honey and Mulethi are also added to help in the normal functioning of respiratory tract, mucous membrane and muscles. It is used to temporarily treat the symptoms caused by common cold, flu, allergies, or other breathing illnesses. 
Cough suppressant. 
Act as Anti-bacterial. 
Boosts up immune system. 
Provides relief from headache. 
Honey is probably more effective at providing cough relief and reducing the impact of cough on children’s sleep at night. 
Tulsi removes excess cough from lungs and nasal passages.
Directions for use:
Children: ½ teaspoonful thrice a day. 
Adults: 1-2 teaspoonful thrice a day.