Kaipo Ganoderma Toothpaste

Kaipo Ganoderma Toothpaste MRP-90/-Rs 100Gm

Kaipo Ganoderma Toothpaste 
Keva Ganoderma Toothpaste contains high quality Ganoderma, food gel, menthol and food flavouring. It does not contain fluoride, saccharin and artificial colouring. It cleanses your teeth, leaves your mouth fresh with a pleasant smell and makes your teeth brighter and gums healthier. It can effectively cleanse your teeth for fresh breath and taste in your mouth. It also makes your teeth healthy. 
This Ganoderma toothpaste can also be used to soothe pimples, burns, cuts, and sores on the skin. While its use helps in many other cases. Ganoderma Lucidum extracts effectively maintains oral hygiene. 
Cleanses and maintains the aesthetics and health of our teeth.
It helps remove plaque and fights cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis. 
Prevents bad breath. 
helps to prevent dental and gum disease.
Keeps gums healthy and strong. 
Relieves from Tooth-aches and Tooth Sensitivity.
Relieves from Oral Ulcers and Gum Bleeding.
Direction of use:
Brush teeth at least twice daily.
Rinse after use.