Kaipo Noni Toothpaste

Kaipo Noni Toothpaste MRP-90/-Rs 100Gm

Kaipo Noni Toothpaste


Keva Noni Toothpaste provides a powerful action of noni which helps in refreshing mouth for a long period of time and eliminates bad odours. Noni Toothpaste is a gum and dental paste with goodness of herbs to take care of your oral health hygiene. Noni is a mild anti-biotic and anti-bacterial herb that prevents from formation of plague, protect the bleeding gum, tooth sensitivity and fight germs. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and gum-tightening properties. It breaks bacteria and protects from cervices and pockets, erode the enamel off of the teeth.

Noni tightens up oral tissue and promotes healthy teeth and can cure serious dental problems. Noni is nourished with more than 160 nutrients, being studied in more than 45 universities worldwide. It is recommended by doctors throughout the world.



•             Absorbs easily from the oral tissue that will strengthen the teeth.

•             Builds up the cells and promotes healthy teeth.

•            Can cure serious dental problems from root canals, gum disease, gingival, dental cavities, periodontal cells.

•             Defense mechanism of oral cavity.

•             Maintains the whiteness of teeth.


•             2-3gm (Full length brush amount) twice a day or as directed by dentist or physician.