keva Kaipo SUNSCREEN CREAM SPF 30 (100 ml)

Keva Kaipo SUNSCREEN CREAM SPF 30; Packing - 100 ml Price - Rs/- 200

MRP-200-/ Rs
Net Vol -  100 ml
Kaipo Sunscreen helps in reducing harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays of sun. The SPF and UV filters in it helps in protecting your skin from Photo-ageing, sun burn and tanning. It has SPF 30 which gives you 96.7% of protection from UV rays. It is enriched with vitamin C and mix fruit extracts, suitable for all skin types. 
• Reduces sun burn and tanning. 
• Lightens up your skin. 
• Protects from harmful sun rays. 
• Prevents pre mature ageing. 
• Reduces dark spots caused by sun rays. 
• works as a protective shield on the skin. 
• Apply it 15 minutes before going out in the sun. 
• Use daily for best protection of skin.