Keva 24 Caret Gold Bleach Cream

Keva 24 Caret Gold Bleach Cream
M.R.P - 85/-
Net Vol - 35 gm
Keva 24 Caret Gold Bleach Cream has the goodness of gold which rejuvenates facial skin. It is formulated with gold dusts and glycerine which provides shine and glow on skin. It’s very effective to prevent pre-mature aging. This golden bleach is one of the best bleaching cream. It tends to lighten the dark hair on your face and makes them almost invisible. Suitable for all types of skin. 
•           Lightens your skin. 
•           Cleans your pores and removes blackheads. 
•           May help fade acne scars. 
•           Prevents pre-mature aging of skin. 
•           Provides natural glow on face. 
•           Fades out the dark spots and blemishes.
1.         First clean the face. 
2.         Mix bleach cream and activator powder together. Make sure the ratio is not more than 4 (cream): 
            1 (Activator). 
3.         Keep stirring the powder and bleach cream till powder dissolves completely. 
4.         Apply the mixture on desired areas avoiding eye brows and eyes. 
5.         Keep the mixture 10- 15mins on your face. 
6.         Then use normal water to clean it.