Keva Slim Care Syrup

MRP: Rs.299 /-
PACK SIZE: 200 ml
Keva Slim Care syrup is formulated by the pure and natural plant parts that keep the person free from fat. It can be used by male and female both. It helps to burn the fat after consumption of Keva Slim Care Syrup. The ingredients which are used in this syrup, mixed with the blood and helps to purify the blood in which extent of the bad fat particles should remove from the blood to stay fit the person and makes the tissues tight. The extra bad fat removes from the body mass and makes it pure with purified ingredients.
Keva Slim Care Syrup is the sugar-free syrup so every person can take it very easily without sugar content. This syrup is formulated with total natural ingredients which help to retain the person slim trim and fit by natural way. 
•   Helps to remove body fat.
•   Helps to stay fit and healthy.
•   Removes the bad lipid proteins.
•   Keeps the person slim and fit.
•   Feels fresh after consumption.
•   Herbal and natural product.
•   No nausea feeling.
•   Decreases the bad lipids from the body.
Directions for use:
•  Shake well before consuming it. 
•  Store in cool and dark place. 
•  Use regularly for best results.