Keva Animal Digestive Enzyme

Keva Animal  Digestive Enzyme 

MRP :- 400RS

PACK SIZE :- 1 Liter
Keva Animal Digestive Enzyme is a herbal formulation which is specially prepared for enhancing animal and poultry digestion capacity. It helps to stimulate appetite and improves proper liver functioning. It’s totally a natural product, has no side effects, doesn’t harm animal's health. Increases resistance against bacterial and viral attacks. It is very much useful in formation of digestive enzymes. 
•  Boosts up digestion power. 
•  Stimulates secretion of saliva and digestive juices. 
•  Useful in ketosis. 
•  Improves egg and milk production. 
•  Regulates the ruminal pH and restores the ruminal movements. 
•  Strong enzymes for enhancing appetite. 
•  Boosts up liver function. 
Directions for use:
•  Large Animals: 300ml once in a day. 
•  Small Animals: 100ml once in a day.