Keva Skin Health 100ML

MRP : Rs. 80/- Packing : 100ml

MRP :- Rs 80/-
Packing : 100ml
One of the simplest ways to ensure elimination of toxins from our body is by resorting to a blood purifying syrup enriched with Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients. 
Keva Skin Health syrup is a perfect skin health syrup that is  extremely effective and helpful in dealing with various skin related problems such as dry skin, skin cracks, wrinkles, pregnancy stretch marks, skin blemishes, discoloration, warts, scars, foot cracks, palm cracks, finger cracks, nail cracks.
Benefits of ingredients incorporated in the product:
Boosts blood circulation in the body. 
Improves  functioning of immune system. 
Enhances process of digestion. 
Reduces blemishes and dark spots. 
Reduces pimple and acne.  
Helps in weight management. 
Eliminates toxins from the blood. 
Helps in the treatment of all type skin diseases . 
How to Use:
Children  - 5 ml twice a day with a cup of water. But do consult healthcare physician in specific health condition or allergic conditiion.
Adults - 10ml twice a day with a cup of water  or you can follow the directions as per your doctor. 
Best time to take it - 30-60 minutes before meal.
Storage Conditions:
Store in cool, dry place and away from sunlkight.
Close the cap tightly after every use.
Safety Instructions :
Read the label carefully before use.
Disclaimer :
This is not a medicine and not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any diseases. Please consult your healthcare physician.