Keva Uterine Tonic 1 Ltr

Keva Uterine Tonic Packing - 1 Ltr MRP - Rs. 300

Keva Uterine Tonic  
Packing - 1 Ltr
MRP - Rs. 300
Keva Uterine Tonic is particularly important for promoting fertility, immunity & growth of livestock. We manufacture these supplements with an extensive component of iron & calcium, to enhance livestock health. When compared to our counterparts, we offer the supreme quality, highly effective Ical Bolus medicines at a very reasonable price. We have supplied this medicine to major livestock owners & farmers across India. Our customers also appreciate us for the sincere efforts we put to deliver products on time.
How it works:
1. It helps in the steady contraction of uterine horn & easy expulsion of the 
3. It also ensures timely involution of the uterus.
4. Assures quality of oocytes.
5. Helps In producing optimum hormonal levels for maintaining pregnancy.
6.Reduce habitual abortion.
Ingredients: Aqueous solution contains: Linolenic acid, Eicosapentaenoic acid, Docosahexaenoic acid, Beta carotene, Organic Minerals, Vitamins & Extracts of Bansa, Karps Root, Chandrika, Chitrak Mool Harmal, and Giloy & Bahera.