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Product Description

Keva Fruit Essence Shampoo

Keva Fruit Essence Shampoo cum Conditioner (Oily Hair)

M.R.P.: Rs 119 per container

Pack Size: 200 ml

Keva Fruit Essence Shampoo cum Conditioner is a gentle herbal formula for healthy and beautiful hair designed and formulated by Keva Industries an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Herbal ingredients incorporated in this prevent dryness and roughness of hair. It prevents hair fall and improves hair glow. A unique formulation of specially selected herbs and fruits that removes excess oil and dirt, nourishes the hair roots and gives bounce and shine to your hair.

Key Ingredients:

It is enriched with Aloe Vera and Fruit extracts such as apple, raspberry, peach, grapefruit, mango along with glycerin, ethylene glycol, citric acid, sodium chloride.

Benefits of Keva Fruit Essence Shampoo cum Conditioner:

  • Herbs incorporated in this are known for their rejuvenating properties
  • Remove excess oil and dirt from hairs
  • Prevent hair fall and baldness
  • Provide nourishment to the roots of hairs and promote new hair growth
  • Prevent premature aging of hairs
  • Cleanse gently and restore the moisture balance of hair and scalp
  • PH balanced formula to minimize the risk of irritation
  • Promote beautiful, healthy-looking hair
  • Keep your hair soft, smooth and healthy

Directions for use:

Apply on wet hair as per your requirement and massage gently for sometime till lather is formed & then rinse with water. For best results use Keva Fruit Essence Shampoo cum conditioner regularly.

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