Kaipo Advance BB Cream

Kaipo Advance BB cream Packing - 50 g Price - Rs. 85/-

Advanced BB Cream
M.R.P - 85/-
Net Vol - 50gm

It is formulated with SPF-30 and 100% natural ingredients which dazzles everyone with smooth and glowing skin. This is an advanced lightening and brightening cream which ensures toned skin. It works instantly and promotes perfection. This natural formula provides natural glow and covers blemishes.




•             Minimizes the size of pores to give even look.

•             Provides instant glow.

•             Gives a smooth and natural glowing skin.

•             Helps to cover dark spots and wrinkles.

•             Full coverage.

•             Provides clear skin.


Directions for use:

•             Take out required amount of cream on finger tips.

•             Dab over entire face.

•             Spread evening to match with skin tone.

•             Apply in morning time after cleaning face.