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Product Description

Keva Hand Sanitizer

Keva Hand Sanitizer

M.R.P.: Rs 85 per container

Pack Size: 100 ml

Simple, fast and effective, Keva Hand Sanitizer kills most of germs, with no need for soap or water. The exciting formulation provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect for soft, smooth hands, while killing 99.99% of germs. The rinse free, non-sticky formula makes it an effective solution for the whole family.

Keva Hand sanitizer contains 95% of ethyl alcohol which makes Keva Hand Sanitizer to be very effective against infection causing germs. It works in a quicker way and has a longer action and slower redevelopment of bacteria. Moreover Keva Hand sanitizer also contains natural moisturizers and Vitamin E which leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized

Key Ingredients:

It contains ethyl alcohol (95%) along with isopropyl alcohol, tocopheryl acetate, Vitamin E, Lemon and perfumed gel base.

Benefits of using Keva Hand Sanitizer:

  • Sanitizes and moisturizes skin and nails, leaving skin clean and refreshed
  • Botanicals (vitamin E) added for extra moisturizing, won't dry out skin
  • Long lasting protection against germs and bacteria
  • No harsh chemicals added
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No harsh chemicals
  • A better way to clean hands
  • No rinsing required
  • Use anywhere, anytime
  • Regular application provides continual antimicrobial protection

Directions to use:

To use hand sanitizer effectively, place a small amount on the palm of your hand and rub it over your entire hand, including your nail beds.

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