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Keva Energy Products

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    Keva Bio Energy Card


    Keva Bio Energy Card

    Keva Bio Energy Card consists of FIR (Far Infrared Ray), which helps to heal our body. When used daily, it provides a very high capacity for healing. This helps to balance the energy level of the body & maintains appropriate energy flow through a unique processing procedure using bioceramic powder, the infrared rays are eliminated and the pure FIR wave-length is captured. FIR waves are nearest to the microelement of the human body and are retained in the BioEnergy card. The need for Keva Bioenergy Cards · All the illness is caused by a disturbance in the flow of energy in the human body · It maintains the flow of energy, improves blood circulation · Prevents from different diseases Health benefits associated with Keva Bioenergy Cards. · Improve micro-blood circulation. · Relieve stress and fatigue. · Improve vitality · Effective in killing bacteria · Activate water molecules in our body.

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