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:: 12th Nov. 2013, Tuesday - Keva Ganoderma Plus for General Good Health and Vitality

Keva Ganoderma Plus is a unique product latest in Keva Product basket based on a proprietary formula comprising of Ganoderma, Polysaccharides, Triterpene, Organic Germanium, Extract of Plums, Papaya Fruit, Kiwi Fruit, Wild Blueberry, Bromelain Extract, Lipase, Cellulase Extract, Amylase Papain, Polygonum Cuspidatum, Quercetin & Atlantic Kelp Powder which have been widely used all over world for centuries. This unique blend of international quality herbs makes this product outstanding in context of achieving results & contains life prolonging properties.

Dr. Karan Goel, CEO of Keva Industries spoke, “Keva Ganoderma Plus is a unique product with a wide range of superior nutrition for the body cells that may help the body improve overall well being.”

Ganoderma is referred to as the "King of Herbs". In ancient times Ganoderma was consumed by Kings & their families to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom, is high in anti-oxidant properety. Due to this it helps strengthens the immunity system. Ganoderma Plus has been formulated by taking the most optimum & pure extract of Ganoderma herb along with many other ingredients to reach a proprietary blend. The pure Extract of Ganoderma gives you complete Health improvement preventing you from most diseases and Health problems.

Keva Ganoderma Plus contains nutrients can help human body to maintain its health, or improve its level of health if there are problems. Keva Ganoderma Plus is aimed to work on body but not on the disease. Promoting your natural immune system helps in balancing the body and in turn treats itself for a wide range of health problems. This product promotes general good health and vitality. It also has a harmonizing effect on the body and helps maintain body balance.