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:: 22nd Sep 2014, Monday - Launch of Keva Bright Toothpaste for overall Dental Hygiene

Monday, 22nd Sep. 2014

Launch of Keva Bright Toothpaste for Overall Dental Hygiene

Much awaited product from Keva Industries in oral care category is launched today. The company will make the foray under the Herbal toothpaste with the name of Keva Bright toothpaste.

Like other products it has been specially formulated with one of our Esteemed International partner i.e Droi Pharma, California, USA. It contains natural ingredients which are highly recommended by dentists such as Sorbitol, Carboxy methyl cellulose, Sodium benzoate, Sodium saccharine, Calcium carbonate, Sodium Laurel sulfate, Menthol, Clove oil and Peppermint oil. Being comprised of such vital essentials, they work together to whiten, brighten, deodorize, remove stains from tooth, restore and protect enamel hence this product may maintain overall oral health. It is 100% natural product for overall dental hygiene.
While addressing the leaders & distributors, Company CEO – Dr. Karan Goel shared, “We are committed to maintaining developing-market momentum, strengthening our core direct selling business in rural, urban & semi urban markets across the country, having a robust innovation pipeline and looking at cost effectiveness. Moreover will certainly look at expanding into new spaces and stepping up investment behind our brands”.

While detailing over the product he further added, “ Many studies have revealed the fluoride content may lead and shown to possess damaging effects to brain / mind development specially in Children sometimes may lead to abnormal behavior whereas this product does not contain fluoride besides it is a Parabens free product with excellent cleaning ability distinguishing from other products available in the market”.

This has been formulated to have extra anti-bacterial properties which has been shown to help with general dental health.