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:: 2nd August, 2015 - Keva Industries unveils Chewables for Kids

Keva Industries has just unveiled Chewables for Kids and like other Keva products it has been specially formulated with one of our Esteemed International partner i.e Droi Pharma, California, USA available in Chocolate flavour.

Vitamins and Minerals support many of the vital systems in growing bodies, promoting health and normal development. Few people of any age achieve optimal nutrition through diet alone, but it’s particularly important for kids, whose bodies are building the foundation for a healthy adult life.

This has been developed to fill the absence of well balanced diet in today’s generation of kids.

Company CEO Dr. Karan Goel said – “According to survey conducted by WHO it is declared that Millions of children are at risk of becoming malnourished. Every third child in India is malnourished due to increase in disposable income & easier access to junk food. So demand of nutrition is scaling everyday among children. With Keva Chewable company has launched a nutritional product may help in overall growth.”

Keva Industries launched a new product Kids Chewable Tablets for growing children in technical collaboration with Droi Pharma, California, USA. Keva Kids chewable tablets have key nutrients to support the healthy growth and development of your child. Additionally, the chewable multivitamin has antioxidants to help support your kid’s immune function.