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:: 26th October 2015, Monday - Keva Industries recently revealed Keva Curcumin

In Herbal Category Product section Keva Industries has just unveiled Keva Curcumin and like other Keva products it has been specially formulated with one of our Esteemed International partner i.e Droi Pharma, California, USA. 

Curcumin is powerful anti inflammatory found in turmeric. Known for its chemo preventative, anti inflammatory and anti arthritic properties, curcumin is being recognized for its significant health and healing benefits.

Company CEO Dr. Karan Goel said – “According to many studies conducted it is declared that this can assure consumers maximum efficacy regardless of diet, health condition or risk factors moreover, this is cost effective, easily formulated & has great absorption value.”

 Being a healthy blend this can cleanse the blood, help in inflammation, reduce post Chemotherapy side effects and promote healthy skin, strengthen digestion and promote healthy intestinal flora. It can support comfortable movement of the joints. It may also promote healthy functioning of the joints, eyes, prostate and other organs besides, support antioxidant defense as well. The popularity and demand for curcumin continues to grow and has created a sustainable market for this powerful antioxidant.