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:: 21st January 2016, Thursday - Keva Industries Announced new Product Range in Beauty Care - Keva Lip Stick

Keva Industries Announced New Product Range in Beauty Care - Keva Lip Stick Company is pleased to announce its new category in Beauty Care with the grand launch of product - Keva Lip Stick in six different shades. Addressing the distributors Company CEO - Dr. Karan Goel shared," Keeping in mind most acceptable product category of Women company has first launched with Keva Lipstick in 6 most acceptable shades with herbal base as per the survey. Hope this will be acknowledged by all Keva customers and create new clientele in this segment." lipstick is intended for use by women. Enriched with Vitamin E and Olive extracts, it keeps your lips moisturized and supple. The shades are suitable with most skin tones. It has a creamy formulation with a slight glossy finish. It is available in a 4.5 ml packaging. It is dermatological tested.