• 20th Nov 2018:Launch of Keva Spices: Ready-to-use ground spices
  • 23rd Oct. 2018- Now make your bones & joints healthy for a healthier life as Keva Bone and Joint Health product has been unveiled
  • 2nd Oct. 2018- Good News for Diabetics! Keva has launched a special formulation- Keva Anti Sugar
  • 12th Sep. 2018- A premium product introduced for growing kids- Keva Kids Growth Powder
  • 24th August 2018- A new launch by Keva Industries to promote life longevity- Keva Gold Tulsi Drops
  • 12th July 2018- Keva Industries launches Elixir of health – Keva Triple Stem Cell Drops
  • 7th June 2018- Maintain your good health with Keva Omega-3 Drops
  • 5th May 2018- Boost your immunity naturally with Keva Moringa Drops
  • 6th April 2018- Fresh Arrival by Keva Industries- Keva Anti Diabetic Juice launched
  • 28th February 2018 - First Indian origin Direct selling company got esteemed U.S.FDA reward
  • 10th January 2018 - Keva Triple Stem Cell Got Endorsements & Appreciation from Medical/ Healthcare Institutes


:: 25th Jan 2016, Monday - Now More Products in Home Care Category - Keva Detergent & Bartan Bar

Now More Products in Home Care Category - Keva Detergent & Bartan Bar With splendid range of Keva products company has recently launched two products in Home Care Category i.e., Keva Detergent & Bartan Bar. “With these products company has extended its home care range and specially formulated from innovative cleaning technology Detergent & Bartan Bar can remove tough stains in a single stroke & gives good cleaning effects. The products are with good cleaning effects, “Dr. Karan Goel – CEO, Keva Industries told at the product launch. Keva Detergent Bar is based on latest technology ensures the bar stays dry whereas the easy to hold shape gives nice grip while using. By using this blue colour bar gives a refreshing fragrance and excellent cleaning effects. This has good foaming capacity. Keva Bartan Bar gives utensils shiny look after every wash, removes efficiently all the dirt and oil from them. This is safe & easy to use dish wash. This contains the power of lemons to provide its unbeatable degreasing power is well-established.