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:: Tuesday 21st June 2016 - New product in Agriculture Product segment - Keva Growth

New product in Agriculture Product Segment - Keva Growth Specially designed for overall crop health. Dr. Karan goel addressed the distributors in head office, " this product was launched after seeing massive requirement of such quality product in rural areas. Lot of our customers belongs to this particular segment. I believe this will prove as useful as Keva Agro 80 and company will again repeat success of Agro 80 with this product." If the growth of the crop is stalled, leaves are not growing in size, crop looks yellow, Or Fruits & Flowers are dropping in infant stage. If Fruit is not growing, in this case visible results in 8 days. Leaves become deep green in color doubling photosynthesis. Leaves double in size. Rescues crop from all types of diseases.