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:: 30th July 2016 - Launch of Keva Power Bank

Launch of Keva Power Bank Dr. Karan Goel at product launch said, "Company has launched this item after considering lot of requirements from our existing distributors and consumers to give some quality product in Electronics category. Hoping to receive overwhelming acceptance of this product like our other products. Company will keep on emerging with new ideas to given new heights to our consumer expectations." Now a days the usage of electronic gadgets has increased to a great extent especially for various types of communications such as calls, sms, emails and other tasks, and these smart devices (smartphones & tablets) need more power for them to work and last for a day as they should be. It is not possible to charge these devices everywhere but our life completely becomes handicapped once our device shuts down due to low battery. Company has come up with the solution with Keva Power Bank this allows you to charge your phone without plugging it into an outlet. All you need is Keva Power Bank and your cell phone's USB cord. Keva Power Bank is a portable charger which can be connected to a wide range of devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Keva Power Bank is very easy to use. It comes with a USB cable which simply needs to be plugged into the device that needs to be charged, in the same way that a charger cable would usually be inserted, and turned on for charging to begin.