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:: Monday 12th December, 2016 - Keva Animal Calcium – New Veterinary Range Rolled Out

Keva Animal Calcium – New Veterinary Range Rolled Out Recently Company has unveiled new Veterinary Range with the product launch of Keva Animal Calcium. This is sort of Animal Feed Supplement may encourage Yield and Milk production. This is specially formulated for Animal healthcare. Dr. Karan Goel addressed the distributors at the launch event and said ,” The product has been introduced for building basic animal health & getting optimum milk production. This product has been drafted from the intense study related to basic nutritional health requirements in animals / pets. We believe this product shall be working in context of achieving basic health of the pet / animals.“ This can be offered to Cattle / Buffalo / Sheep / Goat / Camel / Horse / Pig etc. The product comes in attractive & convenient packing of 1 Ltr and after seeing the feedback will try to offer more products in this category.