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:: 10th July 2017 - Company Announces Two Products in Tablet Section : Folic & cholesterol Care

Launch of Keva Folic & Cholesterol Care Tablet – Help in Iron Deficiency & Heart Health Keva Folic & Cholesterol Care Tablet are specially formulated to good health effects in Tablet form. In addition to this, Keva Folic & Cholesterol Care are Kosher and HALAL certified product. Being formulated with unique ingredients the product has potential to get enough of required essentials and attain the body requirements fulfilled. Company CEO – Dr. Karan Goel further elaborates – “company has explored the segment of Tablets after seeing high demands in the market. WE hope with such products Keva can help human being to prevent from different health ailments prevailing in the market. WE know it is very important to maintain the healthy levels of folic acid in body. And Heart health is the major issue we are facing currently worldwide.” With such product launch company has also announced some more product launch in Garments & Woolen product segment. As company has target to launch more than 1000 products in coming years.