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:: 10th June 2017 - Keva Industries Just Launched Clove Toothpaste

Keva Industries Just Launched Clove Toothpaste Company has recently announced Keva Clove Toothpaste which includes clove and menthol its prime ingredients. While addressing distributors dr. Karan goel – CEO of Keva Industries said , “ In India, the consumer still believes strongly in natural ingredients based products, which no doubt takes time to show the results but they are long term benefits attributed to such formulation. So in this line company has launched this product to fulfil customer requirements with different taste & flavour in toothpaste. Already our Bright toothpaste in very much in demand and hoping this article to be appreciated the same way." it said in a statement. This product is packed with the goodness of natural ingredients to assist in different dental problems. Product comes in attractive packing and soon shall be available on counters.