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:: June 10th, 2017 New variants in Eyeliner, unveiled

June 10th, 2017 New variants in Eyeliner, unveiled Keva Industries has persistently worked into bringing the most innovative creations in its product range. The company today announced Brown, Green and Blue as the new variants in its existing product, Keva Eyeliner. Keva Eye liner is an extra ordinary touch up free fluid that does not require re application. Its creamy gel texture and soft brush helps in creating varied super eyeliner style sleek. This rich, intense black liner, makes your look last longer with its smooth application, water proof & instant drying formula. The liner is easy and smooth to apply and the brush handle offers a comfortable grip so you can create the looks you want, without uneven lines! Dr. Karan Goel, CEO of the company exclaimed, “We have added colours to our existing range. Keva Eyeliner has always been in demand so this is good step ahead, initiated by my team of professionals.”