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:: 10th January 2018 - Keva Triple Stem Cell Got Endorsements & Appreciation from Medical/ Healthcare Institutes

Keva Triple Stem Cell Got Endorsements & Appreciation from different Medical/ Healthcare Institutes There are lot of scientific studies & trials has been performed in this context and they have proved the Stem Cell Technique has the most promising health effects. People have started adopting Ayurveda in their lives for holistic well-being. Around the globe, people have started giving preference to botanical extracts due to their holistic properties without any side effects which provides safe & effective healthcare. Highlights of rewards: • Quality Reward From Cancer Research Center • Letter of Appreciation from Multispecialty Hospital • Endorsement Certificate from International Psoriasis Foundation Dr. Karan Goel- CEO of Keva Industries told the distributors, "Such appreciations & rewards triggered by specific achievements in building direct selling business with health products. Company will keep on focusing on quality products for the Health & Well-Being of our every household."