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:: 6th April 2018- Fresh Arrival by Keva Industries- Keva Anti Diabetic Juice launched

There is a great news for all related to Keva Industries that there is a fresh arrival in the product basket. Keva Anti Diabetic Juice is a unique combination of herbs which are scientifically proven for herbal treatment of Diabetes. This Anti Diabetic Juice helps to control blood sugar or glucose levels to better control this disease and reduce side effects, such as cardiovascular disease and nerve damage. This supplement provides balanced nutrition for the diabetic patient. Abnormal level of sugar in the body is the cause of diabetes which is known as a very harmful disease. A large proportion of Indian masses are dealing with this problem. Keva Industries was deeply concerned with this growing problem & researched on getting the most natural solution & today it is here with it in the form of safe and effective diabetes Juice. The CEO of the company, Dr. Karan Goel told, “Keva Anti Diabetic Juice helps to control blood sugar levels and manage weight for better diabetes control and overall health. This is researched by a team of experts & does not produce any kind of harmful and toxic effect on the body. Experts while manufacturing use a unique combination of herbs which are scientifically proven for herbal treatment of Diabetes.” Diabetes is the world's 4th cause of death and in fact there are over 200 million people who are diagnosed with diabetes and its number is increasing yearly. Whether you are already diagnosed with diabetes or if you are at a high risk of getting diabetes, Anti Diabetic Juice can help you in your fight against diabetes. This Anti Diabetic Juice works best with a proper diet and regular exercise to maintain normal glucose levels in the blood. Doctors and researchers suggest that the herbs used in Keva Anti Diabetic Juice have the ability to help strengthen the immune system which, in turn, can help the body maintain strong insulin levels. Keva Anti Diabetic Juice will help relieve diabetic complications through its ability to stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide. Keva Anti Diabetic Juice also helps to reduce the diabetic hypertension. Both may also be important factors in decreasing symptoms such as poor circulation and vision problems. Keva Anti Diabetic Juice is 100% natural & free from any sort of side effects.