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:: 12th July 2018- Keva Industries launches Elixir of health – Keva Triple Stem Cell Drops

After the remarkable response to all products, Keva Industries launches another quality product, KEVA TRIPLE STEM CELL DROPS, manufactured from latest technology of plant stem cells. It is a blend of rich plant derived ingredients, specially formulated to meet nutritional requirements of the body, throughout all stages of life. Dr. Karan Goel, CEO of Keva Industries told, “Keva Triple Stem Cell is formed by a new approach by combining nature and science through a technique to extract raw materials from plants to address our most important areas of health.” Keva Triple Stem Cell Drops can help in renewal process of damaged body cells & slows down the ageing process. From hormone balance and vital energy support, to immune health, detoxification and more, it also helps in promoting cardiovascular health, metabolic balance, healthy bones, liver health and maintains healthy blood sugar level. Keva Triple Stem Cell drops is launched in the form of the drops because this formulation has higher rate of absorption which leads to increase in the efficacy and bioavailability of the product in body.