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:: 20th Nov 2018:Launch of Keva Spices: Ready-to-use ground spices

Keva is delighted to announce the range of spices in the Keva home care category, which was awaited since long. As spices are considered as the overriding for the food taste and required in every household. Keva Industries has come up with 16 variants including Turmeric, Fruit Juice, Pani Puri masala, Fish Masala, Parantha Masala, Chicken Masala & many more. “Keva spices are prepared under superintendence to ensure the quality as well as taste”, said Dr. Karan Goel CEO of a company. Along with taste these also imparts innumerable health benefits including proper digestion, reduces inflammation, enhances nutrients absorption, provides strong antioxidant effects, fights bacteria, and at climax overall health. In every home & in every sphere across the country, different spices as whole and blend of spices are used to create different and distinctive tastes in dishes. Keva Spices range will definitely meet the fast growing demand among our consumer.