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:: 20th Jan 2019: Keva come up with Hair removal cream by adding Anti-Darkening property

Keva is introducing with innovative Hair removal cream that is blended with herbal extracts. Keva Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream is blended with herbal ingredients which do not cause any harm to the deepest layer of the skin. Herbs used in this product make soft, smooth, sensitive, and glowing skin. The presence of natural and herbal ingredients in this product helps to remove unwanted hair from the skin within very less time and do not leave the dark area after use. It spread the fragrance around the applied area and shows the real texture of the skin. Dr. Karan Goel - CEO of Keva Industries said, "The product is incorporated with personal care and will be kept on launching more and more articles in female personal care products." It has anti-darkening and non-irritant properties. It does not show the irritation, swelling, and itching on the body where it is applied. The herbal extract does not leave the dark skin where it is applied. After the use of this blended extract, it leaves the glowing pinkish skin surface.