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:: 23rd Feb 2019: Keva recently launched Bhringraj hair oil with natural hair regrowth

Keva Industries has already grown with personal care products with its new range of premium skin, hair & body care products. Now there is an addition of Keva Bhringraj Hair Oil in the existing range which is non-sticky oil, enriched with a unique blend of herbs that penetrates deep into the scalp to nourish the hair roots. Its special formula prevents hair fall also helps in reducing premature graying and thinning. All the ingredients are known to improve the hair texture and add luster to the hair. The ingredients present in this product have a cooling effect that decreases the body temperature when applied on the scalp and hairs. Dr. Karan Goel - CEO said, “In future, we will introduce more personal products and build on this successful personal care concept, Company has gone in for business extension this year.” This is the best formula for the hair regrowth and nourishes the scalp, lower and control the stress, headache and help to promote the good and calm sleep. The ingredients help to nourish the hair follicles and soothe the scalp. It helps to recover the unnatural baldness, itching, and dandruff from the hairs. Gentle massage of this oil may stimulate circulation in the scalp, make it relaxed, healthier and thicker.