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:: 7th May 2019: Launch of Immunomodulatory and Antioxidant product

Keva Industries has launched Keva Giloy tablet & Keva Triphala Tablets containing premium herbal ingredients to promote a healthy life. Keva Triphala tablet is an Ayurvedic formulation that may help to control the blood pressure and useful in other heart-related problems. This product is blended with herbal ingredients. Majorly it may use during constipation and act as a bulk-forming agent. The herbal ingredients may help to reduce the problems related to the different body organs like Amla is the second major ingredient that may used to treat the hair fall problems and may help to reduce the falling of hairs due to the cause of any other disease or weakness of the hair follicles. It may use in the case of weight loss and also helps to treat the thyroid problem. It may help during the breathing problem, and also helps to detoxify the blood. Dr. Karan Goel – CEO of the Keva Industries said “The Herbal extract in Keva Giloy and Triphala Tablet may decay the hair fall problem and body temperature which may increase the health fitness. They have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The herbs used are known as the key to the prevention of tooth decaying problem and hair follicle problem.” Keva Giloy tablet is blended with herbal ingredients that may help to treat chronic fever, diabetes, and asthma. The herbal ingredients may use during the typhoid fever to reduce body temperature. It may help to reduce fatigue remove bad breath from the mouth, generate fresh odor and makes the person stress free and feel fresh after consumption. Ingredients may help to treat the skin wound very easily because it also acts as the antiseptic and antibacterial so it removes all the bacteria from the wound and heals the wound very fast. It also helps in tooth decaying problem. This provides the micronutrients to the body to fight against the foreign particles. It purifies the blood by removing all the harmful particles from the body. It may improve the digestion and absorption of the food.