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:: 13th June 2019: Keva Industries adds up Soft Wash to spread the fragrance in surrounding area

Keva Industries adds up Keva Soft Wash to its product range to add the floral fragrance to its product basket. Keva Industries today announced that the launch of Keva Soft washes with great enthusiasm. Keva Soft wash is a delicate hand wash that will leave your skin with the feeling of beautifully, silky, soft, and glowing without making the skin rough. It has been added to the market after the persistent demand for hand washes with uniqueness. Keva Soft wash has been blended with the most unique ingredients that have smelled like a floral garden and may soft for the skin. Dr. Karan Goel, the CEO of the company spoke, “Keva Soft wash may feel fresh & fragrant all day with the use of this product.” The use of herbal ingredients may show the antibacterial and antiviral properties that contain the lime, strawberry, and green apple for the better result. The ingredients have the property to protect the skin from germs, bacteria, and other fungal and viral infections and also help to maintain the pH of the skin of the hands to protect the skin. The herbal ingredients do not show irritation, swelling, or any kind of inflammation to the skin.