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After Shave Splash

I recently began using Keva after Shave Splash, and on the first day I got a shave closer than I knew was possible. I have tried many high end creams and soaps, but nothing even approaches Keva after Shave Splash.
Washim Khan (32 years)
Gondia, Maharashtra

I have just begun to use Keva after shave splash, and my face feels much better than with any other aftershave I have ever tried. Plus it is all natural. I thank you for quality and natural product.
Nirankar Singh (38 years)
Modsa, Gujarat

This after shave is amazing! Smells nice and sooths the skin after a good shave, causes minimal burn. Keva after Shave Splash makes your shaving experience far more enjoyable.
Mohan Yadav (29 years)
Siwan, Bihar

This is my favorite aftershave splash. Something about this product really works for my freshly shaved face. It smells nice and it nourishes my skin. I will continue to buy Keva After Shave Splash for as long as I have to shave on a daily basis.
Tarak Gupta (47 years)
Ahwa, Gujarat

I have to shave every day and this Keva After Shave Splash works great for me. It leaves my face a nice smooth and soft feeling. The scent is very mild but crisp. It's also very efficient you don't need to apply lots of it to achieve your desired effect.
Rajesh Khanna (38 years)
Gondia, Maharashtra

Keva After Shave Splash feels refreshing and is easy on sensitive skin! While using this product, I never got the typical rashes that come after shaving. If you have thick facial hair, I would stick with Keva After Shave Splash.
Rajiv Bhatia (34 years)
North Dinapur, West Bengal

Keva After Shave Splash is much better than all of the other after shaving products out there, and I've tried all of the major brands. I've been shaving my head on a daily basis for years, and so it is really important for me to get good shaving materials. When I use Keva After Shave Splash, I don't get razor burn. It is good for people with all types of skin.
Roopesh Sharma (39 years)
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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