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Cow colostrum

My brother was suffering from severe cold and cough. We have used so many antibiotics and other drugs but nothing gave him complete relief from this problem. Then one day I came to know about Keva Cow Colostrum Capsules from one of my friend. I immediately brought it. He started using it on regular basis. To our surprise, within one month, it showed great improvement in his condition. Thanks Keva for this amazing product.
Jatin Shankar (25 years)
Belugaon, Orissa

I started taking Keva Cow Colostrum Capsules after my sister recommended it to me. With this product my chronic sinus infections disappeared completely. I have had amazing results. I strongly recommend this product to persons with allergies and infections.
Zayan Sharma (30 years)
Mehmand, Chhattisgarh

I would like to share my experience about Keva Cow Colostrum Capsules with all. It really helped me to deal with asthma. I was experiencing shortness of breath and severe headache before taking Keva Cow Colostrum Capsules. But with this product, my asthma completely disappeared. Thanks Keva team!
Sudhanshu (32 years)
Nowrozabad, Madhya Pradesh

I was suffering from dust and chemical allergy. I used to travel by bus to reach my destination. It worsens my condition. Then, one day I saw Keva Cow Colostrum capsules on internet. I started using it and within 2 months the quality of my life has improved. Thank you Keva Cow Colostrum capsules.
Kamal Yadav (35 years)
Panchet, Jharkhand

For 10 years I have been dealing with allergic rhinitis with severe fever and cough. My condition was miserable. Then on doctor’s recommendation, I started taking Keva Cow Colostrum capsules. It really helped me in my problem. Now, I am completely free from this disease and leading a normal and healthy life. This all happens because of Keva Cow Colostrum capsules. Thanks!
Sampat Kumar (32 years)
Nadaun, Hamirpur

My immunity was very weak; I used to catch infections repeatedly. Then from internet I got to know about Keva Cow Colostrum capsules. I have been using it for the last 3 weeks. It was absolutely fantastic. It gave me a lot of energy and strength.
Manish Dubbe (28 years)
Pamur, Andhra Pradesh

After using Keva Cow Colostrum capsules for a number of weeks I have seen an automatic increase in the level of my immune system. My colds and general fatigue was completely gone. It really increased my performance and strength.
Afzal Ahmad (33 years)
Soyagaon, Maharashtra

I have seasonal allergies and cannot take any medicine besides prescription Nasal Spray. Doctor told me that it will boost my immune system and possibly reduce my allergies. I started taking Keva Cow Colostrum capsules daily. Now, I can breathe easily, and leading a healthy life. The benefits of Keva Cow Colostrum capsules exceeded my expectations.
Mayank Mishra (29 years)
Dhemaji, Assam

For last 5 years my mother was having high cholesterol level, but was unable to handle conventional medications. Then she heard about Keva Cow Colostrum capsules. After taking it for a while, her cholesterol level dropped from 319 to 226. Her doctor was very pleased and told her to continue taking it.
Pramila Chaudhary (32 years)
Pant Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

My blood pressure has dropped from 145/85 to 120/70 and my pulse has gone from 83 to 70, after two months of taking Keva Cow Colostrum capsules. I have been able to come off my heart medication because of this miracle product.
Bhushan Sharma
Amlabad, Jharkhand

For almost 2 years my sister was suffering from several weakness, fatigue, flu and dizziness. We have adopted so many therapies didn’t found any permanent solution. Her condition is unbearable to us. Then my mother brought Keva Cow Colostrum capsules for her. Now, her problem has almost diminished. Thanks Keva Industries for this wonderful solution!
Diwakar Chaudhary (33 years)

I always wanted to join Indian army but was physically very weak, so rejected. I have tried so many tonics and medications to get rid of this problem. Then my brother gave me Keva Cow Colostrum capsules and I started taking it. Now I am feeling more energetic and strong. This product is amazing.
Ranvijay (23 years)
Jais, Uttar Pradesh

I have developed low energy and felt stress and fatigue throughout the day I felt so much trouble in working and also started feeling pressure in my mind. I could not concentrate well. I was so upset due to this condition. But with the help of Keva Cow Colostrum capsules within 10 days I am feeling much relaxed. It really changed my life completely.
Sumit Joshi (27 years)
Chikmagalur, Karnataka

My younger son who is just 5 Yrs old could not walk properly as his legs were very week due to weak bone development. We went to many hospitals, physiotherapy and so many things but all in vain he was not able to walk properly. But just because of some days of using Keva Cow Colostrum capsules I am so satisfied with the results of this product. All thanks to this wonderful product.
Sushmita Roy (38 years)
Sakri, Maharashtra

I was suffering from Osteoporosis like most of the women. Doctor told me that I am having increased risk of bone fractures. But all thanks to Keva Cow Colostrum capsules. This product proved very effective on this and now I am enjoying my life completely.
Debo Sri (42 years)
Petlawad, Madhya Pradesh

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