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Green Tea Capsules

I was very obese before taking Keva Green Tea Capsules. After taking 2 capsules a day for one month my weight has been greatly reduced, with no fatigue or anxiety. I am feeling very happy and confident. Thanks!
Ridhima Mukherjee (28 years)
Kapilas, Orissa

I have hypothyroidism disease and gain weight. Then my friend suggested me to try Keva Green Tea Capsules. I started to lose weight in a couple of weeks after following proper dose. I am very happy with the results of this product. Thanks Keva!
Kunal Kapoor (35 years)
Panipat, Haryana

I have gained weight post pregnancy. A friend turned me into this. I didn't really trust it, but after a week of using Keva Green Tea Capsules, I started to reduce weight. This is like a miracle to me!
Deepika Chauhan (32 years)
Birpur, Bihar

I have tried several different products to help supplement my diet and exercise program. I tend to get tired easily so am always looking for some extra help. Keva Green Tea Capsules worked well for me. It gave me just enough energy to get through the day and help me with my workouts.
Harish Pandey (24 years)
Onder, Madhya Pradesh

I was feeling severe fatigue and low energy at the end of day. I have tried many nutritional tonics before using Keva Green Tea Capsules. It is the best product as I am completely relieved from my problem now. Thanks!
Farukh Ahmad (30 years)
Suratpur, Rajasthan

My son was very weak in studies. I was very worried about his future. But after using Keva Green Tea Capsules on Doctors recommendation, his concentration power has raised. He is doing well in his studies. His grades also improved.
Umesh Thakur (40 years)
Tehata, West Bengal

For past 2 years I was unable to concentrate on my work. I always felt low energy. I have used many tonics before using Keva Green Tea Capsules. It gives best results in my problem.
Diwahar Sinha (29 years)
Medarametla, Andhra Pradesh

My sister was unable to concentrate on her studies and remember her work. My mother has brought Keva Green Tea Capsules for her. With this now her memory, thinking power and concentration has increased. She is doing very well in her studies also. Thanks Keva for this amazing product.
Parneet Singh (31 years)
Kunti, Jharkhand

I would like to thank Keva Industries for the invaluable help on my diabetes. I used to inject insulin to normalize my insulin levels from past 6 years. After I started Managing Diabetes with the help of Keva Green Tea Capsules, my diabetes has gone. Thanks Keva Green Tea Capsules.
Jairin Sam (42 years)
Nattan, Tamil Nadu

My father was suffering from Diabetes from 4 to 5 years. He was unable to walk properly, feeling severe weakness. But Keva Green Tea capsules really proved very effective for this disease. Now he is less dependent on others and leading much normal life. I really appreciate this product.
Sahil Sharma (28years)
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

I was suffering from high cholesterol problems. I have tried so many medications but results were not satisfactory. Then, one day I came to know about Keva Green Tea Capsules. I thought to give it a try. Now after using it for four months my cholesterol levels are stable. All my sincere thanks to Keva Team!
Rakesh Khosla (41 years)
Agroha, Haryana

My cholesterol levels were always high due to bad eating habits. But after I started using Keva Green Tea Capsules, my cholesterol levels are very much stable. This is such a life savior.
Sikander (38 years)
Kalol, Gujarat

My mother was having high cholesterol and high blood pressure problem. All the therapies used by us gave only sympathetic relief. Then our family friend advised us to try Keva Green Tea Capsules. With this wonderful product, now she is completely out of these problems. I strongly recommend this product for cardiac patients.
Harshit Shah (28 years)
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

My problem was high blood pressure along with constant headache, and joint pain. I have used Keva Green Tea Capsules for 3 months and now free from these life threatening complications. I want to thank you from core of my heart!
Lokesh Pandeya (35 years)
Bantral, Karnataka

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