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Hormone balancing capsules

I was suffering from muscle cramps and premenopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings etc. Then Doctor suggested me to take Keva Hormone Balance Capsules. When I take the proper doses every day for 1 month, the pain goes away and mood swings and hot flashes lessons as well. I recommend this to any woman who has hormone issues.
Vishakha Bhaskar (45 years)
Navsari, Gujarat

I was experiencing classic symptoms of premenopausal. But with the use of Keva Hormone Balance Capsules all Symptoms eliminated. I would recommend it to anyone that has a problem with mood swings and hot flashes.
Deepshikha (43 years)
Yavatmal, Maharashtra

I was dealing with vaginal dryness and hot flashes. Keva Hormone Balance Capsules has been very helpful with my major post menopausal complaints. It helped with the dryness immediately. The hot flashes slowly disappeared over about two weeks. I will continue with Keva Hormone Balance Capsules!
Gurparveen Sharma (47 years)
Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

I was dealing with menopausal symptoms. I was looking for natural remedies to cope up with my condition. I read that this product doesn't have the possible side-effects associated with hormone replacement therapy. I have brought it and found this product helped reduce hot flashes, increased my sense of well-being, and evened out menopausal symptoms such as sleep disturbance. Thanks Keva Industries for this wonderful product!
Gayatri Lamba (52 years)
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

I am a 45 years old female. In my menopausal period, I was troubled with mood swings, irritability, lots of tension and all the rest of the menopausal symptoms. Someone suggested me to try Keva Hormone Balance Capsules. It has worked wonders in my problem. I’m feeling more energetic and able to cope with the high stress. Thank you for this wonderful product.
Bhagirithi Yadav (45 years)
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

I have PCOS and decided to give this a try to balance out my hormones and possibly get a healthy period. I did a lot of research on herbs you should take to achieve hormonal balance and this supplement contains basically all of them. I have to say this really did the trick for me. This is a must try for anyone suffering from irregular periods and other PCOS symptoms!
Bhawna Singh (31 years)
Patna, Bihar

I am 33, have PCOS and am lucky if I menstruate 2 to 3 times per year. I am always looking for natural formulas for my system. Then on Doctors recommendation I started to take Keva Hormone Balance Capsules, It really helped me in my conditions. With this now my periods are regular and leading a normal life. I would recommend ladies trying this out if they are looking for something to assist with PCOS.
Deepti Khurana (33 years)
Murshidabad, West Bengal

I was diagnosed with the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. I decided to try this herbal supplement. I brought Keva Hormone Balance Capsules and started to take it regularly. Within few days I feel a tremendous difference! My fatigue isn't as severe, the swelling in my thyroids have decreased. I have even lost some weight! Thanks!
Renuka Roy (29 years)
Bagalkot, Karnataka

I was suffering from hyperthyroidism. But with the use of Keva Hormone Balance Capsules, I have lost 3 Kg in the past 5 months and blood thyroid is also normal. I have always been impressed with Keva products. This is a wonderful product!
Aarushi (34 years)
Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh

This product has changed my life. It has greatly made my monthly cycle more manageable and reduced my muscle cramps. I highly recommend it!
Sushmita Kundu (34 years)
Kashipur, Uttrakhand

In the 4 weeks since I started this product found noticeable improvements in my energy and mood. It's amazing! I highly recommend this product. It will change your energy and brain function.
Jaikishan (46 years)
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Keva Hormone Balance Capsule was introduced to me approximately 10 months ago. I had personally been suffering from insomnia for over three years. I used to take Sedatives but they caused addiction. I began to use it for insomnia and as a supplement to increase my energy level. I have found great results, now I sleep great every night. Thanks Keva Industries.
Dhananjay Rathore (47 years)
Uravakonda, Andhra Pradesh

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