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Hydrating Shave Gel

This new Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel is hands down the best shave gel I have ever used. It is worth consideration if you're looking for a nice shave gel that won't harm your face. The smell is pleasant and relaxing, the gel turns into an incredibly rich cream-like lather, and soothe skin! So, if you are seeking relief for your sensitive skin, or just want a superior quality shave from a budget friendly product I would highly recommend you take this Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel into consideration.
Abhinav Sinha (35 years)
Adalaj, Gujarat

My husband has a problem, when he shaves his face breaks out in a rash really bad. So, I gave him Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel. This works great, it helped prevent the rash that he had and made it so that he was smooth again.
Deepika Chauhan (29 years)
Naupatna, Orrisa

I've used several gels as my usual choice over the past several years, I'd gotten to the point where I thought these gels were all created equally, but using Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel has changed my mind. The shaving experience was actually better, and my skin felt more hydrated during the experience. The most pleasant surprise, though, is that my skin after shaving - and before the application of post-shave gel - felt cleaner and had less of a burning sensation than I sometimes experience with the other products. I'm just very impressed with this product, and I'd recommend it to any guy who has skin that gets irritated by shaving.
Dattaram Mukherjee (46 years)
Sabtipur, West Bengal

Really love this Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel. Smells great and leathers up my face. With any other shaving cream I would get lot of cuts on face. After using this shaving gel I get a good clean shaving. I also bought the Keva lotion to go with this.
Rakesh Yadav (37 years)
Siwan, Bihar

Certainly do not enjoy shaving every morning but since I have no desire to sport a beard or moustache there seems to be no alternative. Like many other men I cannot get a satisfactory shave using an electric razor so I have no option but to use the traditional method. I recently tried Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel and found it to be very good for lubricating the skin so the razor can glide smoothly and do its' job more efficiently. In addition to the essential lubricating quality it did not irritate my skin and the remainder washed off cleanly. I found the lubricating quality of the gel to be higher than the normal soap foam variety.
Sumit Chaurasia (39 years)
Udupi, Karnataka

Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel is the best shaving gel I have found so far. It works far better than other gels for me. It is much less irritating and has no razor burn or bumps.
Rajiv Banga (31 years)
Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh

I have very sensitive skin and have trouble keeping away razor burn and bumps having to shave every day. A few months ago Gel which I was using started to seem less effective at dealing with my issues, so I switched to Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel and so far my skin irritation is down considerably and my complexion has improved.
Nagesh Partap (43 years)
Tenkashi, Tamil Nadu

Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel solved a problem for me that shaving used to cause. While shaving, I would be these small rash type patches just at the base of my neck from irritation after shaving. They would generally dissipate and go away the next day or so but they were somewhat embarrassing in public. But it works great in this problem. Thanks!
Gaurav Parmar (37 years)
Murshidabad, West Bengal

I am personally a big fan of Keva products and I really like this shave gel because it worked for my problem. In my experience, Keva products are gentler on my skin than some of the other brands. Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel is very gentle on the skin and has a nice smell. It goes on smooth and clings pretty well for use. Overall, I really like this Hydrating shave gel from Keva Industries and would recommend it.
Raghav Joshi (29 years)
Bagalkot, Karnataka

I always have a problem with cutting up my neck while shaving. I believe Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel cuts down on the cutting and irritation. I like this product very well. It smells good; it goes on nicely and helps my razor glide effortlessly and leaves my face shining!
Tejveer Thakur (34 years)
Gondia, Maharashtra

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