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I was having arthritis for over 41 years. This was very painful. I have been consuming Keva Acai for a month and the swelling of my feet and ankles has disappeared and so is the pain. I am feeling very great & fit.
Steven Wilson (Age-68yrs)
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

I am 51 yrs old housewife. I have been consuming Keva Acai for almost 5 months now and I didn't feel any arthritis suffering. After a month only, my joints are totally free of arthritic pain.
Ahurewa (Age-51yrs)
Gisborne, New Zealand
My daughter had asthma & she could not be far from her inhaler which has put a lot of inconvenience on her childhood. I tried many treatments but to no avail as there was no permanent cure. She was facing difficulty & could not play. I came to know about Keva Acai from my colleague & tried the product. In just a month i noticed unbelievable results as she could go without her inhaler. There was improvement in her health! This has done wonders!!
Angelina (Age-42yrs)
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

I am using Keva Acai for last 6 months & my asthma has completely gone. I saw wonderful results in just a week. Now I do not have to use inhaler any more.
Andrew Brown(Age-26yrs)
Gladstone, Australia
My BP has always remained unstable for 30 years. My doctor was also speechless now for having tried many things till now. One day he told me about Keva Acai with a last hope. I trusted this guy as he was more than a friend to me. I started loving Keva Acai not for its taste but for the results also. My BP problem has become a past now. Whenever I remember that time, I just think that really did this happen to me only!! This is a great product!
Stanislav Vesela (Age: 63 Yrs)
Opava, Czech Republic
I was trying to reduce high cholesterol with diet and exercise for the past 3 years. I tried almost everything possible that I could do. But there was no respite instead the Cholesterol was increasing. My improvement chance seemed to be nil but now this conception has proved false. I am consuming Keva Acai twice a day. Results are damn good!
Osahar Adebayo (Age-39yrs)
Zaria, Nigeria
I was paralyzed some years back & later I started suffering from excessive fatigue and depression. But the day when I started taking Keva Acai, my energy levels have increased & my body remains very active throughout the day. I remain cool & relaxed. I am very happy at this point of time.
Charles Smith (Age-51yrs)
Orlando, Florida

I was suffering from depression ever since I lost my wife last year. My mother brought Keva Acai for me & I started taking this product on repeated requests by my Mom. Now I have re-joined my company & have started working again. I feel good & am enjoying my life. Thanks!
Bjorn Olsson (Age: 34yrs)
Pitea, Sweden
I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic at a too-higher level around 2 years ago. Even I undertook the prescribed medicines but the test was still same after a year. I began consuming Keva Acai on the advice of my family doctor. After 40 days only, i was astonished to see my tests. My doctor was also stunned. Now, I am consuming Keva Acai for past 6 months & my daily blood sugar readings are consistent.
Yarah Valmor (Age- 54yrs)
Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi, I was having diabetes for last 6 years. I started taking Keva Acai twice a day for a year & the symptoms of diabetes eliminated. I did all tests & found myself on a healthy side. This was like a magic pill for me.
Yarah Valmor (Age-58yrs)
Longford, Ireland

I am 43yrs old & am having diabetes. I saw excellent results after taking Keva Acai that were not there with my regular medicines also. My tests have shown a drop in my blood sugar. I am feeling alive again & I am seriously enjoying life again.
Hakim Suparmanputra (Age-43yrs)
Sabang, Indonesia
My wife is having eczema for the past 2 years. This disease had almost killed all her desires. She remained upset, tried everything & again got more depressed. I could just look at her but had nothing to do for her. I got to know about Keva Acai & asked my wife to try this. Firstly she resisted but later on my requested started consuming Keva Acai. It has been almost a month now & she is so happy. This makes me even happier for bringing her happiness again. Thank you so much
Wade Martin (Age-36yrs)
Peoria, Arizona
I am a Football player & I am taking Keva Acai on daily basis which boosts a lot of energy for me to undertake any challenge that comes my way during my practice session. Earlier I used to get tired very easily. I was following the healthiest diet but that was still insufficient. This has completed my energy levels to play full time. Not only have this but I won 2 trophies in last 7 months. Now I am more focused.
Nosakhere (Age-25yrs)
Cotonou, Benin

I have been drinking Keva Acai for 2 weeks now. I have no headaches, no energy loss or tiredness now. My energy levels remain high always. I feel good and look even better. I can’t wait to see the results ahead.
Marco Barreto (Age-31yrs)
Abrantes, Portugal
My menstrual cycle was not regular & it was accompanied with severe pain. My gynecologist told that this will become normal after my marriage. But even after a year of marriage, there is no improvement. When I told my hubby about the situation, he got upset for being so careless. Later one day he gave me Keva Acai & told me the instructions. I saw results after 2 months only. All is normal now.
Margeret Cook (Age-27yrs)
Springfield, Illinois
I am very prone to illnesses due to weak immune system. I remain very attentive to the environment in which I have to live but still illness attracts me often. I was trying to find a permanent solution to boost my immune system & provide me relief. After I started using Keva Acai I have found that my sleep quality is better, health is good and I remain active. I do not catch any viral diseases now. I'm so very grateful to you.
Karim Dehbi (Age-21yrs)
Rabat, Morocco

I feel my immune system has improved a lot after taking Keva Acai & I do not fall sick easily. Daily there is a lot of energy. I had tried many products but this is the only one that worked well. Thanks for providing this wonderful product!
Eric Romero (Age-68yrs)
Toledo, Spain
Some years ago, I had a knee surgery which was painful. I took for physiotherapy but no results. Not even this but I also tried many other medications but these gave very little respite. Then I bought Keva Acai & now my knees are better & fit.
Gary Parker (Age-38yrs)
Norman, Oklahama
I am 26 yrs old & live alone. I am a workaholic & my eating habits are extremely worse. My friends always advise me for taking proper diet but I find no time for this. I am working on an a very important project of my company & last month my work suffered a lot due to back pain & strain on my eyes. I took one day rest & was fine. Then again I started deteriorating after 3 days. My colleague told that my wrong lifestyle is the reason for such problems & I need to follow a good diet chart with proper rest. I seriously have no time to take rest till next 6 months. I stood helpless at that time. Then Peter told me about Keva Acai & now I am so much active that even I got time to write this comment. I didn’t have to leave the project nor did I have to make any other change in daily schedule. Keva Acai completes the daily requirement of human body & I recommend that every person should try this product for his/her general well being.
Bastian Miller (Age: 26Yrs)
Hamm, Germany
9 months ago, I was diagnosed with an extremely painful disease with problems in my liver. I was becoming very weak & lean. I started drinking Keva Acai twice a day and just after 1 month, my liver problems disappeared & my energy increased. Best regards, and thank you!
Dennis Alexander (Age-23yrs)
Louisville, Kentucky
I am a retired Physical Education teacher. I've had a couple of muscle strains lately and they have been healing more quickly since I started using Keva Acai daily. I used to jog 10kms daily & this has made me follow my earlier schedule again.
Miguel Luna (Age-46yrs)
Villaguay, Argentina
4 months back, I could hardly walk due to the pain in my hip, but after taking Keva Acai for about a month I saw tremendous results. I can walk with no pain. I have felt so much better. My back which had 2 fractures caused by Osteoporosis but this has got a lot of relief. I am healthy now.
Najat Tekin (Age-47yrs)
Demre, Turkey

I was trying to improve my bone density for so long but my density continued to slide. When I started consuming Keva Acai, i started gaining bone density. Also I have got increase in energy level & I feel more active to do my work without any pain or tiredness.
Austin Walker (Age-42yrs)
Bendigo, Australia
I had suffered from psoriasis on my neck & my elbows. My dermatologist prescribed me medicated creams, gels & shampoos that worked temporarily but never gave proper cure. These worked only till the time I used them but whenever I forgot to apply these, the situation remained the same. I started consuming Keva Acai without any hope and after a month the psoriasis was completely gone. I am not taking any other medicine now & I have no problem at all.
Ben Wong (Age-36yrs)
I was having severe pain in my shoulder & back some time back. I could not do any household work. I kept lying on bed all the time. I hated this as it was putting lot of pressure on other family members. Then I started taking Keva Acai & in just 2 weeks the pain was gone & I was back to work. This is not just a relief for me only but to my whole family.
Hedda Olsen (Age-32yrs)
Bryne, Norway
My skin was very rough & dry showing signs of aging. I was experiencing lot of Hair loss. My nails were not growing any more. I was tensed a lot. But after consuming Keva Acai, it was nice to see my hair and nails growing much faster. Also my colleagues told me that my skin has started glowing & I was looking younger with growing age. I just can’t believe myself. Many of my friends have also started taking Keva Acai.
Evelyn Wright (Age: 27 years)
Augusta, Georgia
I had sleeping problem a month ago & now I'm sleeping so nicely and soundly. Earlier I could sleep only 5 hours & felt sleepy throughout the day. But now I can sleep 8 hours a night & my entire day is full of energy. This is all just because of Keva Acai & no pill could do such wonders for me.
Muhammad Megat (Age- 30yrs)
Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
I was having stomach problems since childhood which kept me far from delicious food, although this was not that easy for me. Yet I stuck to a proper diet chart so as to keep my digestive system proper & stomach healthy but still i was not fine. I had chronic constipation. Even I changed my dietician but still the problem remained there. Then I got to know about Keva Acai & thought to try this. This truly worked wonders for me. I saw tremendous results after 2 weeks only. I am grateful for the founders of such product.
Bellina De Luka (Age-52yrs)
Viareggio, Italy
5 months before I was a pessimistic guy. I had lost my job 1 year ago & was in a great stressful period. I tried a lot for getting a new job but all my hard work got no way out. I started drinking alcohol & remained mum. I was always in stress & had suicidal tendencies. My wife was very furious on my changed attitude as I was unable to provide her the space she was expecting. One day my friend gifted me Keva Acai. I started consuming this drink regularly which did help me & saved my life. I have not got any job till now but still I have started being happy. I have stopped drinking alcohol & my mood remains enhanced. My wife is satisfied with me as per her expectations. Thanks.
Ronald Cooper (Age-33yrs)
Columbus, Ohio
I had a bad toothache one day & my dentist told this was due to infection which needs serious attention. He advised me for using Keva Acai twice a day & visit after 3 days. I did the same & felt difference only after a day. On the 3rd day when I visited the dentist, he told that there was no infection now & I am fine. I was amazed to hear this news. Since then my family is consuming Keva Acai.
Wilding (Age: 22 yrs)
Truro, U.K
I was having low vision & I was using glasses. I didn’t like wearing glasses as this obstructed me from playing with my friends. I took Keva Acai for only 3 weeks & saw dramatic results in my vision. I could play with my friends, read and do every see every note like never before.
Joanie Mayer (Age-48yrs)
Bischofshofen, Austria

I've been taking Keva Acai for 3 months & my vision is better and I can see colors more clearly especially while seeing in the dark. I can read newspapers easily. This has made me more independent.
Aata Nasworthy (Age-62yrs)
Nelson, New Zealand
I have a good skin with a good height but I was overweight. I always wanted to win beauty pageants but this obesity had led me to nowhere. My friends asked to try Keva Acai & believe me that I have lost a lot of pounds now. Not even this but I have won Miss Perfect title in my farewell party. This is called good time.
Mary Flores (Age- 22yrs)
Taguig, Philippines

Since my first pregnancy, I had gained lot of pounds throughout my waist and thighs. My hubby told me about Keva Acai which I did try. Within 2 months, I was in great shape which was unbelievable. I am still losing weight every week.
Karen White (Age- 29yrs)
Columbia, South Carolina

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