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Keva Aloe Noni Drops

I have used Keva Aloe Noni Drops for a number of months and was able to lower my cholesterol by 40 points. This product works well for me. I tried other products, but Only Keva Aloe Noni Drops has helped me with my very high cholesterol, even doctors are surprised that I keep my cholesterol in check with eating changes and this product.

Hashita Chauhan (34 years)

Bijapur, Karnataka

Before taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops I have seriously high blood pressure (280/130). My best friend gave the bottle of Keva Aloe Noni Drops to me. Even I was not very much more confident about the product. I was taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops twice a day. Day by Day I feel better. My energy level is increased. My blood pressure level is also going perfect. Today I feel very much better than before and I am living completely disease free healthy life. Thanks to Keva Industries for giving the God gifted product to me in time.

Yogesh Yadav (42 years)

Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

I am a registered nurse diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor started me on traditional medicines. After reading the side effects and experiencing ankles swelling I made a determination to change my life style. For years, my pressure stabilized at 150/90. A dear friend introduced me to Keva Aloe Noni Drops. I noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy, joints and allergies. Finally my pressure began to gradually drop until today it's 120/80. My cholesterol dropped to 174 two years ago. After my yearly physical, I just received my lab report and my cholesterol is 174. I cannot tell you how happy I am to share these benefits. I am forever grateful to my friend for thinking of me. Keva Aloe Noni Drops has saved me from the possibilities of a serious disease.

Jaspreet Kaur (39 years)

Lakhpat, Gujarat

I feel very much energetic in my day to day life. My digestion disturbance has relieved. I get some more concentration and memory in my performance. I am taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops for the last one month. In my observation with Keva Aloe Noni Drops we get more power and more immunity against diseases. This is not only with my own experience, but also the result of my patients.

Dr. K.S. Shukkoor Babu  (43 years)

Washim, Maharashtra

Before taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops I was very sick. I was frequently attacked by fever one or two times in a month due to weak immune system functioning of my body. After taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops my fever tendency has gone. My mental sickness has disappeared. Thanks for Keva Aloe Noni Drops!

Pradeep Kumar (45 years)

Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

I was always weak and suffering from digestive problems like acidity and constipation etc. I always felt pain in my body. Later I found myself that I had cancer. After taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops I became stronger and all pain, acidity and constipation had gone slowly and slowly. After completion of 6 months, all the diseases had gone from my body. Now I am very happy and I want to express my sincere thanks to my brothers who have introduced Keva Aloe Noni Drops to me.

Lokesh Pandeya (36 years)

Palamu, Jharkhand

I am 56 years old retired person. I was suffering from piles for the last 2 years. As the disease going old, I was totally hopeless about what to do. My physical condition was getting poor day after day. But after I started taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops twice a day I feel better than before. I am taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops for the last 3 months. My physical condition is now better and my piles problem is already gone. Thanks Keva Industries!

H.P. Wardhan (56 years)

Vyara, Gujarat

I had an accident and my bone broke. Doctor told recovery will take minimum 6 months. After using Keva Aloe Noni Drops along with medicine I feel very happy and I started walking within 60 days. Thanks to Keva Aloe Noni Drops.

Gunda Ramesh (37 years)

 Bhundara, Maharashtra

Since 10 years I was suffering from skin disease Psoriasis. I tried all type of medicine, throughout 10 years, but I didn't get any results. In the month of December 2012 my brother introduced Keva Aloe Noni Drops to me & I followed his advice, found very good result in three months and I continued it for 6 months period. I got satisfactory result. I am very comfortable with skin.

Rajendra A. Torgalmath   (41 years)

Sahibganj, Jharkhand

Before having this Aloe Noni Drops, I am over weight; past 3 months having this I reduced almost 3 kg / month. I feel so active and good looking. Everybody is telling me, that I become so cute and attractive. Thank you so much to Keva Aloe Noni Drops. And also my father feels better after using Keva Aloe Noni Drops.

R. Anitha Anjelin (29 years)

Sambhal, Uttarpradesh

I was suffering with Fibroid and was having 460 Blood sugar levels, also had knee pain and my weight was 98 Kgs. After using Keva Aloe Noni Drops my weight decreased to 82 Kgs. My son gave me Keva Aloe Noni Drops after somebody in his college told about this. Within one month I have seen changes in my body and my Fibroid problem too vanished without operation. Within 6 months my all problems got resolved. I am very much thankful to Keva Aloe Noni Drops.

Vimala Patil (38 years)

Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

I was suffering with blood pressure and high blood sugar since many years. I thought my life will end. But due to God's grace, my physician gave Keva Aloe Noni Drops to me and within one month I got cured. I am very much thankful to Keva Aloe Noni Drops.

Lalitha Bhardhwaj (41 years)

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Before taking Divine Noni my family doctor advised me to take medicine whole life and also advised me not to go anywhere alone. I started taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops since two years. After taking 2 bottles of Keva Aloe Noni Drops I feel that it started working in my body. And I feel better than before. Since last two years I do not take any medicines, even I am living a disease free healthy life. Thanks to Keva Aloe Noni Drops!

Weidamon Khar Naior (41 years)

Shillong, Meghalaya

After use of Keva Aloe Noni Drops for 1 month, I am feeling less Acidity, my B.P is now normal, digestion problems are also resolved. Thanks Keva Industries for this miracle product!

Suman Jaiswal (41 years)

Shibnagar, Tripura

Before taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops I had a breathing problem, also digestive problem. My health condition was not so well.  After taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops my breathing problem has totally gone and my acidic problem has disappeared. I am now more energetic and with good health. Thanks Keva Aloe Noni Drops

Ali Asgar Ansari (45 years)

Demaji, Assam

Before taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops I have serious Asthma problem. I am not sleeping at night. My health condition was very poor. I was treated by various Allopathic Doctors but no results. Then I came to know about Keva Aloe Noni Drops. After using it for around 15 days I feel that my breathing and sleeping problem is getting normal. I feel better than before. Today I am totally cured. Thanks to Keva Industries!

Saroj Setia (35 years)


Kishanganj, Bihar

I have always suffered from pet, pollen, and ragweed allergies. At times, the constant sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, head congestion, irritability, and fatigue felt like an evil curse that would never end. I also needed an inhaler for mild asthma that would wake me up in the middle of the night. I had problems with itchy skin and eczema as well. Prescription meds didn't work and caused drowsiness .And then my fiancée gave me a bottle of Keva Aloe Noni Drops. When I did some research on the product and the company, I started to take it and noticed changes in just a few weeks. I started falling asleep easier and slept more deeply through the night than I had in a long time. I started to dream again. I wasn't getting tired in the afternoon anymore, and my eczema seemed to be less bothersome after a month or two. After about 3 months of consistently taking this, I noticed that I wasn't having sneezing fits as frequently. I could breathe easier, and I've only used my inhaler 1 or 2 times in the past 8 months. This supplement has made a tremendous difference in my health. I still notice positive changes in my health as time goes on.

Urvasi Joshi Sharma (39 years)

Bellary, Karnartaka

I am 54 years old and have suffered with spondilitis and osteoarthritis for the past twenty-five years. I have spent fortunes on chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncture and anything else that I thought might help. But my condition deteriorated. Three years ago my osteopath who had kept me going for ten years told me because my condition was so bad he could do nothing more for me. Then my son introduced me to Keva Aloe Noni Drops and I must say I was very skeptical, but just to please him I took it. After 7 days I was convinced it wasn’t helping but I continued taking it. After one month I realized I had increased movement in my joints and slightly less pain. I can do things now that I never dreamt I would be able to do again. All I can say is I am so grateful to my son for introducing me to Keva Aloe Noni Drops and I would encourage everybody to use it.

T. V. Vedprakash (54 years)

Nadia, West Bengal

I have had diabetes for 15 years. My sugar levels continued to rise to around 500. After being put on allopathic oral hypoglycemic, my numbers went down to around 250, still too high. I began to have diabetic retinopathy and was told I would be blind in a matter of years. I panicked and I was very upset that nothing could be done for me. This is when I discovered Keva Aloe Noni Drops. After taking it for about a month, my blood sugar levels came down to around 80. I have been normal for about 6 months. My diabetic retinopathy has gone and my vision has more sharp.

Yogyata Devi (49 years)

Latehar, Jharkhand

I had Diabetics for 3 years. After taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops, I am tested to no longer be Diabetic. It gives enough strength and good health to me. Now my whole family is consuming Keva Aloe Noni Drops and it keeps us in good health.

M.J. Needhiman (34 years)

Rajakilpakkam, Chennai

I have diabetes which affected my eyes to the point that I went blind. I had laser surgeries that did not solve the problem. I was introduced to Keva Aloe Noni Drops nearly a year ago. I started taking it daily and about three months later I could see out of one eye. I have not begun to see out of the other eye yet, but do not have the pain in it that I always had. Last week the doctor said that my eye looked just fine. Also, I can read fine print without glasses, where as I could not before, even when wearing my glasses. I am continuing my daily intake of Keva Aloe Noni Drops.

Panshi Dobrial (43 years)

Udupi, Karnataka

Keva Aloe Noni Drops has had a positive impact on my health. I am a Type II diabetic. My last blood work at my medical clinic showed my blood sugar had averaged 116 for the past 3 months. That's a great improvement from the high readings I had previous to taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops. I am now able to take less insulin. My leg which had been badly affected by neuropathy greatly improved the first few weeks after I started to take this wonderful product.

Vivian Dusanjh (47 years)

Dindori, Madhya Pradesh

Myself Khokan Chandra Dalui, I am 67 years old. I was suffering from cancer since one and half years. My health condition was very poor. Even I was not able to walk over 5 minutes. I need a ready bed with me all day long. After doing a lot of research I started taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops twice a day and I feel better than before. I start walking in the morning and I feel very much energetic than before. Keva Aloe Noni Drops has come to me like a miracle. Thanks!

Kokan Chandra Dalui   (67 years)

Panchla Howrah

I started taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops when I was in the midst of chemotherapy due to breast cancer. To my surprise I never lost all of my hair. In fact, by the time I finished the chemo treatments, I had new hair coming in. My doctor recently was able to cut back on the amount of thyroid medication that I take. Also, he cut my prednisone dosage back that I need to take for asthma as my breathing has improved. I thank god for the healing affect of the Keva Aloe Noni Drops.

Indra Khanna (39 years)

Azampur, Uttar Pradesh

I am 31 years old and I have been taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops now for about 6 months. My sister told me about Keva Aloe Noni Drops and I didn't really think much of it but I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! The first few weeks I didn't notice anything but then after about 3 month of taking it, I was doing my usual breast exam and I was absolutely shocked when I discovered that the lumps in my breasts that I have had for the last 5 years have almost completely disappeared! I have been to 3 surgeons and was told that I had more breast tissue than normal. Now after taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops, I am moved beyond words. The only thing that I have changed in my diet is Keva Aloe Noni Drops and that has got to be the only explanation. I am recommending Keva Aloe Noni Drops to everyone I know!

Kamaljeet Khurana (31 years)

Hisar, Haryana

I've been suffering from headaches since I was 14 years old. I was having headaches almost every day. Headaches are very unpleasant, especially when you need to work from 9 am to 6pm. Since I was introduced to Keva Aloe Noni Drops more than a year ago, I can't say that the headaches are completely gone, but I get them so rarely that it is hard to believe it. Besides Keva Aloe Noni Drops gives me a lot of energy to work extensive hours. Taking Keva Aloe Noni Drops became a daily routine and makes my health so much better. Enjoy the wonderful supplement!

Govardhan Singh Rathore (37 years)

Darah, Rajasthan

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