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Keva American Ginseng Drops

I have a mild case of ADD and also have hypoglycemia. From the day I started taking Keva American Ginseng drops I don't seem to have the mood swings / highs and lows that I used to throughout the day caused by blood sugar imbalances. It really helps me regulate my blood sugar. Thanks!

Dina Nath Chauhan (43 years)

Onder, Madhya Pradesh

My dad had diabetes and as I watched him inject insulin I said to myself 'I'll never let that happen to me'. Sure enough, 50 years later, I have signs of becoming diabetic. So I watch my diet and exercise and take Keva American Ginseng drops because it helps prevent diabetes. My dad also started taking it, now his blood sugar levels are also manageable. Wonderful product!

Surbhi Joshi (32 years)

Nattam, Tamil Nadu


I got this as a part of my PCOS restoration regime. I use it in the second half of the cycle. Keva American ginseng drops supposedly enhances immunity, supports proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods and also aids in maintaining proper glucose levels. I haven't been using it for too long, but I believe that at least it has given me more energy.

Madhumeta Bajwa (37 years)

Bantral, Karnataka

This has worked very well treating my friend with her Chemo fatigue. She has taken Keva American ginseng drops for several months. I was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and on doctors recommendation I try this during chemo to keep fatigue away. It works very well...

Niraj Thakur (35 years)

Kalol, Gujarat


I was dealing with premenopausal symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, irritability etc. I looked online for natural remedies for hormonal imbalances for women and found Keva American ginseng drops. This product has been very helpful in lowering my hormonal swings during my cycle. I recommend it to everyone suffering from same problems.

Shweta Khurana (43 years)

Mowad, Maharashtra

I've been taking for various health supplements weak adrenals for many years. It helped some, but lately I was feeling really exhausted, low blood sugar, etc. Until my brother ordered Keva American Ginseng drops for me. Right away it felt much more powerful than the other I'd been taking. My energy levels improved greatly. I switched back to the other for awhile, and went downhill again, very severely. So I quickly ordered the Keva American Ginseng drops again, and the same thing happened - I came back to life.

Ritu Chadha (28 years)

Sakri, Maharashtra

Keva American ginseng drops really boosts energy; it makes me sleep 4-5 hours max a day and keeps me energetic all the day. It is very great in the days that you need to be a hard worker in. I will order it again

Ranvijay Singh (21 years)

Jais, Uttar Pradesh

I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs a safe, natural lift without any other nasty chemicals. The energy boost is substantial without any jitters, or hangover symptoms. I have used it for 6-7 months and I am healthy as a horse, and soon to be 60 years old. I take it every day, and I am able to overcome the inertia that comes with age no matter how healthy you may be.

Renna Lamba (28 years)

Medarametla, Andhra Pradesh

I really like this product. I've tried a ton of different energy drinks, etc. in an effort to find something that actually worked well and lasted, but so far this supplement is the best. It works every time-- always makes me feel awake and alert. I will definitely continue to buy this product. I think this is a good alternative if you haven't found the results you wanted from energy drinks/coffee/etc. I haven't noticed any bad effects or anything.

Vinay Bangia (38 years)

Amritsar, Punjab

I started using Keva American ginseng drops 8 months ago. My husband and I took twice daily. We haven't had any colds, flu viruses or infections since starting it! My allergies (spring seasonal) have been nearly eliminated! I haven't noticed any negative side effects related to this. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day, I can keep my family free of upper respiratory infections/viruses while all around us others are getting sick!

Purnima Paul (40 years)

Panchet, Jharkhand

I've used Keva American ginseng drops for 6+ months and it has kept me totally cold, flu, fever free ever since. Not a hint of any of them while all around me still go through the usual seasonal crap as I used to.

Ramanveer Arora (48 years)

Mehmand, Chattisgarh

Keva American ginseng drops is the best product I know for really "boosting your immune system" I usually get sick and can't get out of bed for at least a week, but since I take this I never get sick!! I only take it when I feel I'm coming down or when I have worked too much and feel like I could get sick. This truly is a great product if you want to stay strong through tough weather and in touch with foreigners.

Paresh Bhai Shah (38 years)

Godhra, Gujarat


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